Managed Backup to UKCloud

Protect your data using this Commvault based service to backup to UKCloud's trusted Cloud platform.

Commvault uses technology called Global Data Deduplication to help reduce data transfers by up to 95%.

Our Global Data Deduplication is performed at the client side and works on a data block level. This allows Commvault to work more efficiently by only sending new or changed data that does not exist currently within your data protection solution.

This smart technology not only saves you storage space, with reduced space needed to store data, it speeds up the backup process and saves you potential bandwidth both inside and outside of your organisation, pending on the deployment type used.

Key features of this service include:

  • Data protection across on-premise, private and public cloud sources
  • Global Deduplication – Source side Global Deduplication reduces backup size and bandwidth requirements
  • VMware & Hyper-V Granular Recovery – Recover files or folders from your Virtual Machines
  • Secure - Data is encrypted (AES-256) in transit and at rest
  • Managed Service – We design, setup and manage your service, giving you peace of mind
  • Single Interface – for on-premise, private and public cloud workload data management
  • Data Management Policies - Apply globally and manage data sets according to preferences
  • Complete Data Mobility – UKCloud, AWS, Azure, Oracle Cloud, Google Cloud
  • Management Reporting – single interface for consistent management reporting of data activities

Customers can purchase this service directly or through the Digital Marketplace

View the Managed Backup to UKCloud service definition here.

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