Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage from UKCloud is a secure and highly adaptable storage platform designed to address a wide variety of use cases.

It's based on object storage technology which is natively optimised for cloud storage in terms of scale, resilience and accessibility.

Traditional storage solutions are typically characterised by large capital expenditure and an intensive management and support burden, and forever swing between under- and over-capacity. Cloud Storage benefits customers as there are no upfront costs and no minimum term commitments — customers merely pay for what they actually use, when they use it.

This service can help you to:

  • Release capacity in your existing storage solutions and avoid unnecessary storage cost — migrate valuable but seldom used data to a secure and cost-effective cloud storage repository
  • Assure your data recovery, even if your primary site suffers a catastrophic failure —use as a cloud backup target for a location-agnostic (UK-based) alternative to storing backups on unreliable tape media or expensive local disk solutions
  • Enhance the durability and availability of your personal data — replace inflexible network drives with cloud storage that can be accessed by any device from any location
  • Benefit from a familiar interface and accelerated performance by using the new generation of cloud storage gateways — use Cloud Storage as the primary repository for your existing applications and users

In addition, we offer Private Cloud for Storage based on traditional network-attached storage (NAS) technology.

Customers can purchase this service directly or through the Digital Marketplace.

View the Cloud Storage service description here.

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