Cloud GPU

Cloud GPU provides you with GPU resource on UKCloud’s multi-cloud platform to meet the specialist requirements of some advanced applications, with the benefits of a cloud environment.

It supports these types of workloads:

  • Visualisation workloads. Use of specialised NVIDIA Visualisation GPU resource to accelerate simulation, power desktop applications with graphics content (such as computer aided design), and video encoding, rendering or streaming. Available as profiles of whole GPUs so you to only pay for as much GPU resource as you need
  • Compute workloads. Access to specially designed NVIDIA GPUs optimised for computational work, such as deep or machine learning, large-scale mathematical modelling and database acceleration

Cloud GPU enables UKCloud customers to supplement their cloud compute resources with GPU capabilities to;

  • Improve the speed at which you can gain insight into your data. Cloud GPU’s massively parallelised capabilities allow you to process large data sets at a much faster rate, allowing for greater operational efficiency
  • Bring GPU-reliant applications to the cloud. Applications that have previously struggled to transition to the cloud because of GPU requirements can now be moved — improving manageability of your data and applications, whilst increasing collaboration opportunities
  • Improve access to your most important applications. Cloud GPU lets you centralise your applications so that staff can access the tools they need, from anywhere, on commodity devices
  • Streamline compute resources. Compute resources can be streamlined by offloading processing power to GPUs, reducing the CPU footprint needed to run applications

Customers can purchase this service directly or through the Digital Marketplace

View the Cloud GPU service description here.

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