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30th May 2017

MDS delighted to partner with Distributed Management Systems (DMS) for G-Cloud 9

MDS partner with DMS for G-Cloud 9

MDS, the Wiltshire based assured managed cloud services provider are delighted to announce their partnership with Distributed Management Systems (DMS).

To address growing concerns within the Public Sector surrounding unauthorised access to data in the cloud, MDS has partnered with DMS, a Lancashire based SME, who has developed an Identity Assurance Technology, CASQUE SNR.

Unlike existing Authentication techniques that are based on fixed secrets which insiders may access and give to their collaborators, CASQUE SNR Tokens have their keys changed dynamically so do not suffer from Token clone or insider attack. CASQUE SNR is certified by NCSC (GCHQ) and is deemed suitable for SECRET - the only such Authentication Product. In NIST 2016 Guidelines, CASQUE SNR is a “Multi-factor, Cryptographic Hardware Device able to address Assurance Requirements at Level 3” – the highest level.

MDS has incorporated CASQUE SNR in their high assurance offerings and are pleased to confirm it will be available under their G-Cloud 9 service catalogue.

Basil Philipsz, Managing Director of DMS said “since only customers populate Tokens, we, as the manufacturer, can never be part of the risk equation. We are delighted that MDS can now offer military strength security at commercial prices. Why settle for less?”

Adrian Plummer, Alliance and Product Manager for MDS, explains “by partnering with DMS we have made it easy for clients that want the highest security to use CASQUE SNR and so resist the threat vector of insider attacks. All data is stored in UK facilities; you know where your data resides and you know who has access to it.”

For more information on any of our G-Cloud services or if you are interested in becoming a partner, please don’t hesitate to visit our website or tweet us @mdstech. Alternatively contact us at or call on 01225816280.

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