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2nd March 2016

MDS attend Accenture's International Womens Day 2016

International Women's Day 2016

Karen Young, General Manager said "attending the Accenture event  to celebrate International Women’s Day 2016 was inspiring. The stories and anecdotes from a wide range of speakers showed that although the diversity agenda has moved on massively over the last few decades there is still a way to go. We are in a period of huge societal change and we need to address this with new ways of thinking. Diversity in all its forms must be embraced, this isn’t just a debate about improving the lot of women. We can only be better together, we need to find our best team and not leave anyone on the bench. We can only change the world by working with the best people for the job in hand. We also need to move from a management to a leadership culture. Better Together #GreaterThan"

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