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Posted on 3rd July 2018 by Daniel Brun

MDS Technologies, supplier on the G-Cloud 10

The G-Cloud 10 framework goes live on Monday, and at MDS Technologies we are proud to announce that we will be part of the list of suppliers, offering even more services to support your Cloud needs.

MDS Technologies is a G-Cloud 10 supplier
MDS Technologies is a G-Cloud 10 supplier

What is the G-Cloud framework?

The G-Cloud framework is a government initiative created to make it easier for government departments and public sector organisations to access cloud technology and services. Through G-Cloud, public sector organisations have access to a digital marketplace of cloud vendors that have been cleared to provide their services to government and the public sector.

This framework is divided into three ‘lots’:

  • Cloud hosting, for example, Cloud Infrastructure, content delivery networks or load balancing services
  • Cloud software, for example, accounting tools or customer service management software
  • Cloud support, for example, migration services or ongoing support


How does MDS offer these services?

For G-Cloud 10, MDS will have 44 services available covering all the three lots. This includes our core ‘Assured Managed Cloud’ service which provides trusted and assured design, build and support services for your Cloud infrastructure and software. MDS has supported the Public Sector since the beginning of the G-cloud framework in 2012, and are ranked in the top 30 SME suppliers on the Digital Marketplace.

We are able to offer these services with the highest quality of service, using our experienced in-house design and support teams. We also work alongside our key partners to make a strong alliance that excels the service that MDS offers to its clients. We are proud to work with Assuria, Deep Secure, Thales, UK Backup and UK Cloud to provide secure, assured and flexible services to our customers.

Our partners

  • UKCloud
  • Ark Data Centres
  • Assuria
  • Computer Network Defence (CND)
  • Deep-Secure
  • Thales
  • UK Backup