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Second- and third-line support engineer

For anyone who loves delving into the latest technology and understanding how systems have been designed and built, this job is a dream. It’s exciting, it’s cutting-edge and it’s fast-paced.

Part of the role is about resolving customers’ technical queries, but a bigger part is about proactively improving the systems we support. We get down into the detail of how things operate, working closely with customers to understand their business goals and how the technology can help them achieve these.

Each of us on the team understands the core areas – things like infrastructure, networking, operating systems, databases and monitoring. But we also have the opportunity to become subject matter experts in a particular field, developing a depth of knowledge that would be difficult to obtain in larger organisations.

What’s more, even as MDS Technologies has grown, it’s kept that close-knit, supportive feel that you get in an SME. Everyone helps each other out and people are open and honest with each other, which fosters an excellent working environment.

Our partners

  • UKCloud
  • Ark Data Centres
  • Assuria
  • Computer Network Defence (CND)
  • Deep-Secure
  • Pumpco
  • Thales
  • UK Backup